This man is turning enterprise IT upside down

He's looking very happy. But are you

Steve Jobs has done more to undermine traditional IT values than anyome. First the Apple iPhone, and now the iPad, are fundamentally changing the expectations of IT. 
Steve Jobs of Apple with iPad

Jobs unleashes the Apple iPad.

Furthermore, the people who are driving this change are powerful agents of change; executives, designers, artists and even the Mayor of New York City.

The pressure on IT is relentless. They are told by the new media types that they have to open up social networking and use this new media to create new opportunities. Executives and road warriors are buying iPads and Android powered gadgets and insisting that they access to protected data. On top of all this are the latest versions of PCI and HITECH compliance regulations. 

How does IT get all this done when annual budgets have been shrinking? IPkey offers your organization tailored solutions that are fast, affordable and hassle-free. 


Why are more firms turning to IPkey?

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Security Solutions

The right combination of experienced design, advanced technology and structured training can protect your enterprise wherever it operates while also meeting compliance goals.

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Access Solutions

Working anywhere at any time has become a business requirement. Our experience in secure mobilization can help you manage these challenges right now and profit from their benefits.

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Assurance Solutions

Enterprises have become so dependent on IT that a single failure can bring production to a halt. Business continuity is paramount, and can only be assured by experienced design of monitoring, redundancy and replication.

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