Endpoint Manifesto

17 December 2010

What does the perfect computing device look like?  Here's how I want mine..

1.  Boot or turn on instantly and authenticate quickly. Time to actual functionality no more that 20 sec.

2.  Able to easily operate on battery power for a full work day. Requires no wires or AC power adapters for daily use.

3.  Fully wireless with flexible WiFi, Bluetooth and cellular capability.

4.  Internet connectivity anywhere using a seamless combination of WiFi and cellular data (ie. 3G or CDMA) and no interaction required for known networks. This also includes transparent WiFi login with stored credentials.

5.  Must have an on-screen or physical keyboard appropriate to the user's needs. For example, the keyboard requirements for writing a book are different than for email.

6.  Should securely provide basic services within the OS, including standards-based email, web browsing, calendaring and document creation/editing.

7.  Allows for OTA synchronization with enterprise applications such as email and calendaring, as well as the capability of synchronizing documents.

8.  Have the capability of an installable thin client for remote computer access. Examples are Citrix Xen, VMware View, LogMeIn, RDP and VNC.

9.  Securely protect any sensitive information and documents stored or cached on the mobile device from theft or breach.

10.  Provide a seamless backup capability to a local device so that a lost device isn't lost data.

11.  Remote device management to locate, lockout, wipe or 'brick' lost or stolen devices.

12.  Be truly portable. This is subjective and encompasses a variety of ergonomic factors.  Some get it through innovative design (Apple) or through thoughtful evolution (Blackberry.)  Some haven't for a variety of reasons (Microsoft)

So what's missing? Let me know.

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