iPad 4.2 Update includes hidden gem

24 November 2010

The 4.2 iOS update for the iPad released on Monday has a hidden gem that makes a HUGE difference for corporate users. 4.2 now includes multi-tasking which may not mean much given that the iPad is a device where you typically only do one thing at a time, except maybe listening to tunes while you work on something else. Most of us corporate types spend a lot of time remotely accessing a virtual desktop (VDI) at our workplace. This is great, but there's one drawback: if you need to do anything else on your iPad such as check an email, closing the VDI agent means that you are disconnected. While the auto-reconnect feature on some VDI apps takes some of the pain out of this, it can still be slow. No more. The new LogMeIn Ignition App will now continue running in the background when you 'close' the screen to check your email. When to tap on the Ignition Icon again, you return immediately to your session because it hasn't been disconnected. If you stay too long (9 min) away from your session, a pop-up will remind you to return within 1 minute or close the session. Brilliant!

This is a HUGE benefit that we expect all VDI App vendors to offer soon, if they do not already do so. We tested Pocket Cloud by Wyse, but it doesn't support this yet. Anyway, this makes the iPad even more of a no-brainer for executives and other road warriors. For us security obsessed types, it means that the personal stuff can stay on the native iPad while the corporate data can be isolated to the VDI environment. In the past, there has been pressure to allow executive to have their personal email in the VDI environment because of the difficulty of switching from the iPad to the VDI. No more! Kudos to Apple. 

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