30 November 2010

Lost in the uproar about Wikileak's public release of sensitive State Dept. communications is the fact of the leak itself. So what's the big deal? It is alleged that a single low-level individual copied in the State Dept. copied over 250,000 communications to a single CD-ROM on a PC.

The big deal is that this could happen to any organization that has these vast archives of material just ripe for the taking. The big deal is that low ranking individual has access to all of these files. The big deal is just how easy this is to do just about anywhere. In fact, rumors are that the next victim of an massive Wikileaks expose is Bank of America. Apparently, someone got their hands on a hard drive from an executives PC.

At IPkey, we believe that no single individual should have access to such vast amounts of information - it's just not healthy. Wikileaks, and their inevitable imitators have changed the privacy game. Our tradition of sprawling data has to end, and soon.

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