IT Security Management for Businesses



Working anywhere at any time is rapidly becoming a business requirement. New smartphones, tablets and notebooks has revolutionized the workplace. A new generation of professionals and executives want access to the corporate network, but IT is justifiably cautious about security and management. Our experience in securely mobilizing and training mobile personnel can bring everyone together.

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Securing the mobile workforce is a challenge that makes CIOs and Compliance Officers shudder. Throw in Web 2.0 applications such as Facebook and Twitter and it seems as though the perimeter is disintegrating and effective security is impossible. Not so. The right combination of experienced design, advanced technology and structured training can protect your enterprise wherever it operates while also meeting compliance goals.

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Enterprises have become so dependent on IT that a single failure can bring production to a halt. Business continuity is paramount, and can only be assured by the experienced design of monitoring, redundancy and replication. Highly reliable, secure off-site data centers and virtualization have become invaluable tools to achieve business continuity and disaster recovery compliance requirements.

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