Few IT issues have become more hotly debated the last year than access.

Simply put, IT consumers such as employees and executives want more of it, and they want it in two ways.

They want better access to be able to work anytime and anywhere and access their workplace as if they were sitting at their desk. They want access from notebooks, iPads, smartphones and everything else that’s coming down the pike. This aspect of access we call Mobility.

They want more access to online tools and resources such as collaboration and social networking that is now called Web 2.0. Examples are Google Docs and Facebook. Many of these sites allow files and documents to be easily exchanged which users like. This is the aspect of access we call Content.

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Meanwhile IT is screaming foul. Their charter is to protect the enterprise and opening up access undermines their efforts. Their responsibility to prevent malware infections, data breaches and make sure everything is compliant. Its no suprise the almost universal response of IT to users’ requests for more access is ‘Not Yet' or 'We can't do that.'

The tension between those who see legitimate business reasons for opening access, and those who are responsible for operational safeguards is becoming strained to the breaking point in many organizations. Users see IT as a cabal of control freaks, and IT sees these users as naive or irresponsible.

We at iPkey have found that much of this tension is avoidable. By far the most important component is clear communication between executive management, users and IT.  No two organizations are the same, and iPkey’s professionals have helped facilitate constructive conversations with immediately beneficial outcomes.

Once this type of dialog is established, it typically doesn’t take long for all parties to converge on a mutually acceptable solution.  This typically incorporates a combination of new technology and new education. The new technology is often needed to protect the enterprise from new classes of Web 2.0 threats and the secure management of mobile access. The new education serves to dynamically raise risk awareness in the three key constituencies of any organization.   

Managing the balance of open access against the protection of corporate resources is a highly dynamic, ongoing process. iPkey professionals can save your organization time, money and frustration by bringing you a spectrum of proven practices, innovative technology and structured training. Contact us today at