If your organization is connected to the Internet, you are under siege from a pervasive and illicit class of organizations whose goal is simply to take control of as much of your expensive IT investment as possible. This is almost always achieved by tricking the least educated and least invested of your employees into unwittingly letting an intruder in. This process is called ‘social engineering’ and the cost to organizations globally is well into the hundreds of billions.

It only takes one employee one click of their mouse to open up a reportable data breach that could cost your organization its reputation or far worse. The calculus of preventing such threats seems at times hopeless.  The gap in technological expertise between the attacker and the victim is striking. The gap between the attacker and IT is lopsided except in the very largest of organizations.

At IPkey, we have narrowed this formidable gap for small and medium sized enterprises by offering highly specialized security expertise without incurring the substantial cost of a fully staffed 24x7 IT Security group. Furthermore, our security professionals are involved in a wide  variety of client projects that provide them with a depth and breadth of experience that would be unlikely within a single organization.

This expertise is immediately available to your organization, and you choose exactly how much you need. IPKey provides Managed Security Services that offers the maximum cost-benefit by proving a fixed schedule of services under contract for a predictable monthly fee.

Our experienced security engineers are also available as a professional services offering to assist in special projects, assessments and other non-recurring needs.

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